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UK Wall Smart Plug Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket Works with Amazon Alexa Google Home

  • UK Wall Smart Plug
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Rated Voltage: 110-240V
  • WIFI standard: 2.4Ghz wifi 802.11b/g/n
  • Product description: Wall Smart Plug Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket


Wi-Fi Power Plug  (UK)
A Simple and Stylish Smart Plug:
Smart plugs connect electrical equipment to Wi-Fi, control all electrical equipment at any time via 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi at any location.
A simple timer function, you can protect the equipment safety, and can also control your excessive use of electricity.
UL listed E489132  FCC ID: 2AJ5F-SM-PW701U
Working voltage: AC 110~240V
Max power: 2000W (resistance loading)
Working current: Max 10A
Material: ABS flame retarding polymer
Plug Standard: UK ( the AU, EU, US plug for your country are also optional)
Power consuming: ≤0.3W
Working temperature: -20 ~ 45℃ (-4 ~ 113℉)
Working Humidity: ≤80%
Radio signal power: 1mW
Radio protocol: Wi-Fi
Radio rate: 30 meter indoor
Radio rate: 50 meter outdoor, depens on building materials and structures.
* Adopt WiFi protocol to secure the success of wireless two way communication 

* Higher RF output power (+2.5dBm output power as compared to -2.5dBm 

300 series WiFi module) to enhance the communication range 

* Very low electricity consumption, meet Europe year 2012 energy-related products requirement directive 2009/125/EC no. 1275/2008 
* Overload protection 

* Voltage, Current, Power factor, Instant power Wattage and Accumulated power 

consumption KWh report 

*Dimensions: 116x76x68 mm/color box,

*540x300x475 mm/carton,



*Weight: 0.16kg /pc with color box;

The Advantage of using wifi smart socket: 
*Support a variety of frequency band wireless network
*Support smart connection Wi-Fi network, quickly complete the settings
*Support status tracking, online understanding of energy consumption of electricity equipment *Supports up to 150 scheduled tasks in one time
*One APP can connect all the plugs without limitation
*The fastest time to reach the destination, experience the smart socket to bring your life fun!


The correct way to connect to Amazon Echo:
1: Download "Smart life" APP
2: SM-PW701 Smart Plug is connected to "Smart life" APP
3: Click "profile" in APP and click "Use Echo"

4: follow the prompts to operate correctly



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